Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

·         All our raw materials for our food products are purchased from local markets as well as from reputed companies and organizations and we are not farming anything.

·         Customers can order the food products from our menu via direct visit to the shop or through the website ‘’ using any money tranferring mobile applications, like Google Pay.

·         Customers can scan the QR code or can use the UPI ID for payment process for their order.

·         Orders via phone call are also acceptable by Fat Daddy and customers can use both the numbers: +91-812-972-8587  /  +91-813-695-9201 for ordering from us.

·         We only offer fresh made food to our customers.  Thus, food will not be prepared until orders are confirmed.  Confirmed orders CANNOT be cancelled as we cannot hold the food for the next order of the same item later in the day.  We consider food as a gift of God. Please remember that there are millions of people in the world who are still not able to get food even once in a day.

·         Prices mentioned in the website are subjected to change based on the availability and price of raw materials in the local market.

·         Options for Home Delivery / Dine In / Takeout are available from our shop as well as in the website.

·         Full and exact address is mandatory for home delivery. We are not responsible for any delay or cancellation of home delivery due to wrong or missing address.

·         Customer should be able to attend our call in the provided mobile number from Fat Daddy in case of any queries.
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